Saturday, January 1, 2011

Skating Myths: Tall people can't figure skate

"You're a figure skater? But, you're so...tall."

And long-limbed. And gangly. I know. And I must admit, watching the petite skaters on TV makes me feel like quite the misfit. I see skaters about 5'5" in height complaining that they're 'giants', and I want to cry (Just kidding! Kind of). In fact, I just did a little googling and found that the average female singles skater is 5'4" or 1.63m.

...and I'm 5'11".

So, is there a point at which people become too tall to figure skate? Will there come a time when, regardless of how hard I work, I simply won't improve? I don't believe so. I believe that 'Tall people can't figure skate' is a myth.

The arguments are:

  • The more body mass you have, the more you have to lift off the ice. Therefore, a greater force is required for a tall skater to jump.
  • Shorter legs have a quicker 'burst' of energy.
  • Tall skaters have a higher center of gravity, making it easier to fall and more difficult to spin.
  • Starting and stopping long limbs is more difficult.
And I'll be the first to admit that they're all true! There's no denying these physical disadvantages, but that doesn't mean that tall people can't skate. 

I can do doubles, despite my height. I plan on doing triples, too, and I will not be letting my height get in the way of that. I won't be going to the Olympics, but I can skate! 

Taller skaters have other advantages. We have beautiful extensions, can do extraordinary spirals if we put our minds to it, and our spins, if performed correctly, will look great. We can also jump well, not despite our height, but because of it. Our long limbs can vault us into the air, providing we have enough muscle to support our body mass. 

The point is, we can skate. And I'm sure, with the correct training, a very tall skater could go to the Olympics too. Carolina Kostner is 5'7" and she's a fantastic skater. 

I don't think a certain body type should ever be ruled out when it comes to skating. I've seen short skaters, tall skaters, bottom-heavy and top-heavy skaters land incredible jumps and perform incredible spins. 

So what if there aren't many 5'11" female skaters in the world? I like a challenge. 


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  1. hey.. thank you so much for putting up this blog and your youtube videos. It's really a great effort. A little bit about me, I'm 19 this year, i started ice skating 3 month ago. I learned the basic from youtube by your videos and of course expert village. i guess i'm at delta level, am i picking it up fast or slow? Anyway, i've been using public skates the pass few month. Recently, i invested some money for new skates and the blades were so sharp that it was rigid for all my movements, i even cant do a hockey stop due to the sharpness of blades. It's that normal? i was kinda upset actually.

  2. Don't worry about the skates. Adjusting to new boots and blades is hard! I really struggled with my second pair of skates. I couldn't stop OR go, actually, because the blades felt so incredibly different. Don't worry, the more you use them the more comfortable you'll be! I can't tell you if you're progressing fast or slow, because I don't know what the delta level is (I'm from the UK and living in Australia), but you don't need to compare your progress to other skaters. Everyone progresses at different speeds, and skaters that progress slowly at first can have a sudden improvement later on. Good luck, and thank you for reading my blog and watching my videos, I really appreciate it. :)

  3. to anonymous above, 3 months and Delta is NOT slow at all. :)

    Evan Lysacek is a living proof that tall people can skate! And you too, Gina! and wow. you ARE tall. I know you are tall but never know you are that tall from your videos. Your height just add another reason to make me admire you even more.
    I am tall AND have short limbs. ''' oh well, I am not going to Olympic, so that doesn't bother me. =]

  4. Hi, Gina!

    I really like your blog and all your posts. :) It's a great effort and I'm always looking forward to reading new posts. It's all very interesting and I love the topics because you write REALLY well. :D I also love your Youtube videos - it's amazing that you started at 12 and working on double axels/triples now. Good luck in your skating ~ and I hope all your resolutions come true in 2011. :D

  5. We have more length for pick jumps, which gives us more height from the vault.

    Long limbs make for faster spins when slowly pulled in.

    Spirals are breathtaking with long legs.

    The reason there are not many 5'11 skaters? It's because there aren't many 5'11 women to start with. The average height of the singles skater being 5'4? Well, that's exactly the average height for Americans. Skating is pretty much a sample of the general population. Mostly 5'4, a couple 5'10s, a couple 5'0s.

  6. you should consider modelling if you're so tall.

  7. Thank you for your comments, guys!

    "I really like your blog and all your posts. :)" Thank you so much for reading my blog and watching my videos! That means the world to me, seriously.

    "The reason there are not many 5'11 skaters? It's because there aren't many 5'11 women to start with." That is an excellent point.

    "you should consider modelling if you're so tall." Unfortunately I'm not pretty enough. :)

  8. i'm from malaysia.. there a skater from australia came by to sunway pyramid ice rink and perform a great back flip. that was so cool.. anyway, keep it up the good work gina10179202...anyway, tall skaters are more elegant from my view..

  9. i think u r perrty

  10. "i'm from malaysia.. there a skater from australia came by to sunway pyramid ice rink and perform a great back flip." I think you're talking about my coach! His name is Michael Pasfield, and he does a great backflip. He recently went to Malaysia to perform. :)

    "i think u r perrty" Aw, thank you!

  11. I think you're gorgeous too. I wish I was pretty like you but instead I'm short and ugly. No boys like me.

    1. Don't worry �� If you are short you can be a great skater which makes you beautiful! Tall or small doesn't matter! ��

  12. hei... cheer up a little!
    There's plenty of fish in the sea :)

    Figure Skating is one way to make your personality
    more interesting to boys, though they would probably prefer hockey :) haha

  13. "I think you're gorgeous too. I wish I was pretty like you but instead I'm short and ugly. No boys like me." Don't say that! Everybody is beautiful. :)

  14. Every girl is beautiful - short or tall skinny or curvy.
    When I tell someone I'm a figure skater they often give me a "yeah right" look. They can't believe it because I'm not skinny like 90% of the skaters on TV.
    Once a myth is created it developes itsself - o parent would bring his tall daughter to basketball not to the rink. But the truth is that everyone can skate if he or she is determined to do it :)

  15. I loveeee your blogs and videos. I am about 5"4', so "average", but I still hear: "you are too tall for figure skating" comments. My mom even says: "you are not improving because you're afraid to fall". I don't really know what to think because I'm still working on my Axel... but, I love to figure skate XD

  16. "Every girl is beautiful - short or tall skinny or curvy." - Agreed! Thanks for the comment.

    Cecile - Wow, it's crazy that 5'4" is considered too tall!

  17. Im 5´7 and can land all my doubles. Height really is not an issue if you practice hard. And anyway there is a certain wow factor when tall people skate. This blog is great! keep it up :)

  18. Well, they say I look like I'm 1m70 because of my long legs, but still, I can figure skate better than the people that criticize me about my height

  19. you also have to remember, most olympic figure skaters start straining at a very young pre-pubescent age. It is a fact that one of the common side effects of elite athletes undertaking rigorous training at such a young age is the stunting of their growth. meaning that they may have been genetically able to grow to 5'11 but because of the stress of training may only grow to 5,6. so unless they started late, they will never be as tall as they otherwise could have been.

    and just as a side note, dont be ridiculous! ive met you in person and there is nothing unattractive about you. ive met some seriously facially challenged people in my time and you have nothing to worry about. plus, you are intelligent, persistent and very nice, so i see no reason why you cant do whatever it is that your heart desires in your life weather it be skating or modelling.

  20. Oh, you ain't tall girl. There's a girl I've met who's 6 foot 2, and she's planning on trying to get to nationals. You're not alone. XD

  21. "Im 5´7 and can land all my doubles. Height really is not an issue if you practice hard." - I agree! I know a lot of tall skaters who have all their doubles, and one 5'8 girl who can land a couple of triples, too!

    Cecile - I know how you feel. I am all legs, and my body is actually quite short!

    kloverkitty - That's another good point that I didn't mention!
    And I must say, when we met I was having a particularly ugly day! :P I was totally fried from the beach! But thank you very much. :)

    "Oh, you ain't tall girl." - Yes I am. :) But 6'2 is definitely tall compared to most skaters!

  22. "i'm from malaysia.. there a skater from australia came by to sunway pyramid ice rink and perform a great back flip."

    cool that's your coach. let me find out whether is really him.. get back to you soon..

  23. Oh my gosh! I started last April and I am 12 and working double axels, I didn't know you were the same that way! I am not alone! You are amazing and I love your blog! You have inspired me to start my own!

    I am tiny short, but I have a great burst of speed, I love that about my body type!

    Your jumps are beautiful and your spins are center! I guess you found your way out of that little myth.!

  24. "i'm from malaysia.. there a skater from australia came by to sunway pyramid ice rink and perform a great back flip."

    cool michael pasfield is your coach !!! that's so cool! good luck in your skating okay.. you have a great coach.. all the best!!

  25. Hi Gina,
    Let's bust another myth - one I've been hearing since I started skating, actually. "Curvy people can't figure skate".

  26. You've got a great attitude! I don't think anything can hold you back unless you let it. Plus, what about male figure skaters, especially pairs skaters? They're often 5' 10"-6' tall and they jump and spin really well.

  27. i'm 5'4 and i'm twelve. i'm a skater from hong kong and asian people are relatively shorter than western people so i'm considered very tall. every time people see me and they ask my age and they say, "wow you are very tall! you should consider to be a model." then i tell them i love figure skating, they say tall people can't skate. i don't think i will grow a lot more(i'm as tall as my mom now), so i go quite sad when they say that. i was soooo happy when i saw this post and realized a lot of people share the same feelings with me. my goal is triples and i believe i can do that!

  28. Carolina Kostner can skate, but sometimes if she doesn't time her jumps, she seems to have a bad skate...

  29. It's a paradigm. Back in the old days, the skates were not of the same strength and design as today. They could not handle the torque of triples. Additionally, it's not the height so much as the height to weight ratio. My daughter's coach as 6 foot 11 inches.. She had a double axel at 14 in her day... remarkable. My daughter is 5'8 1/2"... she had 2 triples at age 18 and competed senior ... finishing around 10th out of 24 sometimes medalling. Always medalling in gold.

    Caroline Kostner, Lucindah Ruh, 5' 9" and not to mention a plethora of ice dancers.

    So, in men's check out Lycesek.

  30. :D so glad to see that there are other taller people who skate as well I am 17 an 6'1" (i think) and in my skates even taller. I had heard people say tall people can't skate but as soon as I started my coaches said that I was really good. Another advantage of being tall as a skater, you can have more power in your legs so less pushes required to glide over the ice :)

  31. I'm 6' and other than that, I'm a guy. Thank you for your inspiration. I've stopped skating a few years ago after I reached FS2 because of employment restrictions, but now I'm looking into continuing. I now see that there's much hope for more medals and more achievements! In fact one of the things that made me stop is that I'm the only male skater in my age-level category. Now I can shake that off and continue!

  32. Yay for tall skaters! I'm one of the tallest female skaters at my rink, and I'm between 5'8-5'9. My question is to you is skating dresses...where in heck do you get them? Most skating dresses I see online only go to about 60-62 inches in the torso, and that's for the "Extra Large" measurements! My torso measurement is between 65-66 inches. Yet, my other measurements fit (bust, waist, hips), fall into the smaller categories. Do you have any suggestions on websites that I can check out, or even designers that are very reasonably priced? Thanks!

  33. I just realized that you're not in the U.S. Sorry! I'd still appreciate any help that you could give though. I also just remeasured my torso, and it's at 66 inches.

  34. Yay for tall skaters! I'm one of the tallest female skaters at my rink, and I'm between 5'8-5'9. My question is to you is skating dresses...where in heck do you get them? Most skating dresses I see online only go to about 60-62 inches in the torso, and that's for the "Extra Large" measurements! My torso measurement is between 65-66 inches. Yet, my other measurements fit (bust, waist, hips), fall into the smaller categories. Do you have any suggestions on websites that I can check out, or even designers that are very reasonably priced? Thanks!

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  165. This gave me a HUGE boost of confidence! Ive been skating for about a year now, and i cant spin on one foot! Everyone told me that it was because im too tall! (Im about 5'9). But like you're 5'11 and spin amazingingly! Thank you for the inspiration! :D

  166. thank you so much for the help i have always wanted to do ice skating but got put off as i am tall so this really helped and just makes me want to achieve it even more than i did before so thanks again xx

  167. Hi Gina!

    I'm 12 and I'm in basic 7 and I'm trying to get my one foot spins down. By the way I have been skating since about November of 2014. I have been trying for a long time... At least it seems like it to me. I skate with 7 year olds and they can do like 5 revolutions already. I even feel like all of the parents praise over this little 7 year old boy. I can only do two revolutions at most. My coach tells me that since I'm tall and slender it's harder to get the spins down. I'm trying not to get discouraged though. Do you have any advice for me?

  168. I'm 36 years old and 5'10". I was put down my whole life from wanting to skate but I'm taking my first classes tomorrow!